Friday, 22 July 2016

Congratulations PM Najib!!. "Malaysia Boleh!" "Semua boleh!"

Last night was like the night of world cup final. Most Malaysian and international community were watching televisions and computers to see the sequences and trailing the goings-on on the 1MDB issue which has now become world news after the US Attorney General made her press conference on the massive seizure of properties owned by members of Najib’s family and associates in New York through massive corruption and misappropriations of Malaysian public funds through 1MDB.

Just read and get yourself linked to all electronic and printed media throughout the world and you will never fail to get the updated news on how 1MDB’s money were siphoned through banks and money institution worldwide. Swiss Attorney General and authorities from Luxemburg are joining in the open probe with the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and every corner of the world is looking closely to the corruption affairs that involved 1MDB and the related companies and individuals since 2009.

The world is now awakened by the news of 1MDB and all news agencies and electronic media of the world are now giving special attention to the crime created by 1MDB since 2009. They detailed out how the corrupt conspirators milked the Malaysia Sovereign fund 1MDB since then and the way the funds were squandered and looted were frightening to like-minded person to digest. It’s a real case of massive looting and stealing which is beyond comprehension by the people responsible in 1MDB.

Now we know why PM Najib through his own admission that the trouble of 1MDB started with its failure to exercise Initial Public Offering (IPO). It was obvious that the need for 1MDB to float its companies was to get the public funds to cover all the monies squandered earlier and the failure to get the IPO done contributed greatly to the exposes of the heinous deeds of 1MDB that was led by its chairman of the investment committee, Mohd Najib Razak.

This blog is not able to upload every news reported in the international media as no printed and electronic media fails to cover the issues surrounding 1MDB. Just read New York Times, WSJ, Bangkok Post, all printed media in Britain as well as news print from Japan, Australia, United States and the rest of the world. Go to Reuters, AFP, Bloomberg, and NSK or just mention any news agency world-wide; you will not miss the news.

This was the real success of the slogan ‘Malaysia Boleh!’ Malaysia stands tall in the field of corruption. Malaysia is leading the world in this field. This case is rated to be the biggest scandal in the world history. Congratulations PM Najib!! Malaysia has made it!!

Next thing that Najib needs to do is to resign and retire. Just do that so that Tun Mahathir and the rest can put aside the idea of setting up a new party. Leave this country to a leader who can restart this nation anew. We need a total revamp of this beautiful nation again.

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